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Tuesday 18 September 2018 23:14

Welcome to Evli Awards Management Oy Incentive Service

Your employer group ("Company") has issued a share based incentive plan ("Plan"), for employees of its affiliated group companies. As the Service Provider  Evli Awards Management Oy ("EAM"), Aleksanterinkatu 19 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland will manage the incentive plan on behalf of the Company.

This service allows you to view and manage your personal data, incentive holdings, subscribe for shares and give sale orders with regard to share-based incentive schemes in which EAM acts as the subscription agent and/ or plan broker. 

Terms and Conditions of the Incentive Service

EAM provides this Incentive Service under the following terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use the Service.

In some countries legislation limits on offering investment services. This Service is not to be used in any jurisdiction in which such a service is not authorized. EAM expects that users of the Service are aware of and comply with these limitations. Information contained herein does not constitute an offer to buy or sell any securities in any jurisdiction in which such distribution or offer is not authorized.

The contents of this Service are Copyright © Evli Awards Management 2013. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in any form without the prior written permission of EAM is prohibited except of copying or printing pages or information for personal use only.

The personal use and referencing of the material presented in this Service is permitted as stated in the Finnish Copyright Law (404/1961). The source must always be stated in connection with references.

EAM makes no representation or warranty as to the continued accuracy, content or reliability of this data other than possibly agreed in arrangement agreements. EAM reserves at any time the right to alter the contents of these pages or discontinue publishing these pages. Evli Awards Management is an investment bank operating under guidelines set and enforced by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. 

The prospectuses of non-public arrangements are available under the sale order and subscription facilities after you have logged in.

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Data Transfer Consent

For those  purposes and as far as I wish to participate in the incentive plan, the respective subsidiary as my employer needs to transfer my personal data including, my name, organization, home address, date of birth, social security number, nationality, e-mail address, tax country code, and details of all shares, options or other entitlement to shares of common stock awarded, cancelled, exercised, vested, unvested or outstanding in my favour ("Personal Data") to the Company as well as to EAM.

I accept that electronic communication devices such as fax and e-mail may be used in exchanging information. I further accept that the use of electronic communications device involves certain risks, because, among other things, the message may not reach its destination, the message may come to the knowledge of a third party, or a third party may alter the contents of the message. EAM shall have the right to trust the authenticity and validity of a message it has received by electronic means.

Within the limits set forth in the above and in the Plan, I consent the collection, use, processing and transfer of my personal data as described below and I agree that:

1) my employer transfers - also automated in terms - my personal data, to the Company as my contractual partner with regard to the Plan I wish to participate in,

2) the Company - also automated in terms - collects, processes and uses  the transferred personal data for enabling the participation in the Plan, and

3) the Company transfers my personal data to EAM who is commissioned to collect, process or use personal data by the Company in order to manage the incentive plan, and

4) EAM further transfers my personal data to Evli Bank Plc, in order for Evli to provide support services to EAM.